Creedence Clearwater Revival and John forgerty

I have followed a several videos of John Forgerty’s live concert and I can say without any hesitation that John has able to keep his gusto and grit towards music but is it enough? Just singing the old songs! Then what about his musical growth? I do agree that the man is still capable to manage a big concert but I didn’t find a single change in his either singing style or playing style. Anyway it wouldn’t be wise to fling a such truth-finder question to a person who deserved his celebrity status as a pioneer of many different genres as far as I fished out the information about him. Furthermore I came into a decision that old  Creedence Clearwater Revival‘s sound was more into music then John’s solely performance. Next song which caught my eyes of Creedence Clearwater Revival’s is Bad moon rising but this song also disheartened me when I tried to perceive the very subtle meaning of the song and it is really negative. Are they represent the phony determinist mentality of John? Determinism is not bad at all, the Stoics were also determinist but they revealed the most important message to the humanity after Buddha.


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