Have you ever seen the rain.

I had never been able to listened the songs of CCR(Creedence Clearwater Revival) in my youth time. Although I  heard a Bengali interpretation of one of their popular number called “proud marry” from one of my uncle’s voice in the mid ’80’s. I still remember “Basa mama”(uncle Basa) holding the guitar and singing the song and that sound had intrigued me through the music while I was a very much  studious young boy at that time. Tarik Alam my cousin brother who is just a few month younger then me was the only witness of this phenomenon along with me. After reaching home we all began to singing that Bengali version of proud marry merrily. As the time passed, I suddenly found myself in music but yet I hadn’t encountered with CCR’s musics. But finally my curiosity about CCR had disclosed a few days ago and this time it was “have you ever seen the rain“. Really I got inspired again specifically with it’s simplicity and the tacit emotional engagement of their chorus line. Maybe as a lyric the song might not be considered to me as a logically, philosophically perfectible or unique as “summer time” or “like a rolling stone” but I like to dignified the song as a whole with it’s mysterious persuading capability.


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