Why most people are not happy?

I think this is the time people of the world should redefine “Where the happiness will have found?” or “why we are not happy?” The reality is most people search the happiness through their sensuality. They believe happiness only found in their fragile frame and they begin to forget about their insight. However, now a days the spiritual development is getting widely popular but this popularity doesn’t even achieved a fraction of the popularity of so called pornography or sex trade. Yes, it doesn’t mean that I am an anti sexiest or a devotee but I am truly believe that freaky sensuality dragging our mankind toward the unbearable lightness and being lost in that freaky world people are jolting out of their beautiful world. They are becoming more and more dull, they are not looking around the green fields, mountains of the world. All they got interested in physicality. Hence the misery, hence they halt in-front of a glittering skin and slump against their desire. Actually, this physicality originated from the west and their media machine which is even more powerful then Henry Goebbels(Nazi) propaganda machine. Just look up at the TV and you will find that a bikini girl is enticing you throughout the TV screen, while most of the people started to believe that “sex” is the only ingredient that could make a person happy. So, most of the people of the world are getting into the completely wrong direction.
I believe, the best way to be happy is to forget your body though it needs a gradual process. A truly meditative person will be able to understand the importance of forgetting own fragile frame. When a person begin to realize that “I” or me-ness is a trivial matter only then he will concentrate on “forgetting own body”. But before that we have to stop whining that “I am not feeling comfortable or I cant live without sex of physical exercise”, etc. People who are practicing abstain from sensuality are often regard as eunuch or castrate and this should be stopped. Sex is a very common instinct of all life. It is not like food that we have to have it everyday, it can be controlled, and it is not only thing that could make a person happy. Therefore this falsity should be stopped before you turn off your TV or laptop.


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