Maybe I will keep on writing here until I achieve the expertise  in this language. Perhaps, all the mysteries of my life will have unfolded here one day. My musics, poems, writings could be rediscover from here. Even my body could be unearth from here someday.


I hate sex

I hate sex because it cost my life. Before my adolescence I was a innocent and benign boy who cares for his family and circumstance. But the worst of all had been happened in 1983 when I was encountered with a such a situation which I never thought before. And what happened in my further life was really an extension of that hazard. Now I’m 45 and I’ve contented myself through the wisdom. Yes wisdom removed all sorts of fallacies that I acquired out of my desperation. Now everything feel new but one thing became catch phase for me and that is “Actually I didn’t do anything but only came back to the same row where I had started my hurdle before 32 years ago.