Is it enough to be Educated?

We have so many neighbors in our village. Among them a handful of people became rich though they had a very struggling life in the near past and as well the light of education and culture didn’t reach in their dark windows at that time.
I met one of them last week who always used to boast about his sons and daughters and saying, ‘ you know my daughter is completing PhD in the university and my son also working for American government and so on……….’ . I really appreciate that and being a part of this neighborhood.
But do you believe is it enough to be an educated person in this aggressive, arrogant, opinionated world? Where most of the people are doubtful about their own cultural heritage. Really everything has been messed up here with religion, custom, and practice. The scenario is so horrible that you can’t find a folk without mobile set but you probably wouldn’t find a single GITANJOLY of TAGORE over there.
So how can you say they are educated? Yes they are educated in certain extant or for certain purpose but not as whole. Without practice, music, art, culture you can’t hope for enlightened, educated nation. That’s why I believe education is all about generations and it spreads through sperms……………

Yes I can say Germans or French is an educated nation but not the Qataris or UAE’s. Maybe they have achieved something in some extent but not as a whole. People of Bangladesh are always boastful about the degree they’ve achieved but in Germany people have already soared themselves into the world of wisdom quite a few decades ago.

3rd October, 2015


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