The great arts and the Heterosexual spirit of mind…..

A few days ago a friend of mine flung some questionnaires against Rabindra Nath Tagore. I wouldn’t get hurt if the questioner would be a villager. But unfortunately, we have to always be awe in this half developed and in a way Cliche type of urban society. Where people didn’t learn, how to be a truth finder? people learn only how to manage the situation. Yes off course, to managing the situation is an important discretion which is needed in every step of one’s life. But the problem arises when the people’s behavior manifests stereotyped order about arts, cultures. The question is, was the Rabindranath’s poetic spirit originated from the heterosexual influence. Really I didn’t have any answer at that time. It is true that great work should be evolve through the common sexual view. And certainly Tagore had this quality. Hence he is the one of great writer, thinker, philosopher of all time. And having lack of this quality Hemingway had already been defamed by many critics in his life time. I’m not supporting Ritu Porna Ghosh or Bruce Jenner in this regard but I believe through proper human eyes one can achieve such a level where gender become simply a triviality. You don’t need to change your body, you only need a great mind!


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