The greatness of Padmasana

Once upon a time Padmasana had become a habituate for me. In my burgeoning time, the time of adolescence.

Everything was burgeoning, my hairs, my brain, growth, and the surroundings. And I became a great fan of yoga precisely of Padmasana. Wherever I go, I used to practice Padmasana with my lithe body but that was a long time ago.

Suddenly the torrential rain had washed all my dreams and my supple body gradually encountered with the robustness of manliness. Yes, I’ve been habituated with gym and always observed the development of my muscles and thus the way I found myself in the triviality and certainly I became a Dinosaur.

But now my real entity has been reestablished again like a phoenix. How did it happen? Oh, it’s a long story and I’m not a Dinosaur yet any more. I’m just a lotus in the shades of mediocrity. Yes, I can feel that my brain is expanding, burgeoning through Padmasana. Yes, last night I felt a bit pain cause of my robust legs. I was dreaming of my lost supple legs but I know, I will have kept my endurance till the end of my life. Because I got peace by meditating through Padmasana. The very posture which was always preferred by Siddhartha  surely!


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