Why Osho is confusing for the beginner?

I’m a great admirer of Osho’s writings and philosophy precisely his books on meditations. And in fact, what I’ve achieved today through the meditative mental state that had started from one of the Osho’s iconic book called “Zen and the art of living”.

But if I assert I had earned knowledge from that book on the one hand but I have to ensure that I’ve also been wasted my time at that time on the other hand.

I studied his books not to strive to become one of his followers but to be a meditative person. Off course I learned many tricks from his books and one of the best tricks that I’ve learned from him is that “There is no theory in meditation just look into your inside as you look round the outside world and concentrate…….”  But he confused me in many ways for instance when he says, ‘forget your mind’……. As a beginner, it was really shocking indeed and it has been arguably uttered in many ways.

To forget mind is not an easy step for the general people because it needs a proper guide and endless endurance. In order to add an antonym for the beginner I would like to say, – just forget your body instead of mind!


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