To the ghost of Glenn Frey

Not everybody evolve as Glenn Frey

Some split out into the gutter

Some sought refuge in the footpath

Shivers all night

Trembling forever


Not  everybody as lucky as Glen Frey

Some acts as lucky with the colored glass

And says ‘ oh what a colorful world!’

But yet,  succumbs through the curse of the blue world silently

Or being a vagabond of the tantalizing prince of dream and imagination


We all are mourning today, Glenn Frey

With all the fiasco’s and the ghostly nuisances of the world

Those who’s greatness never uttered

Never ever speak out, I know

Since the history always remembered the winners

Why should they remembered the defeated ghostly sages any more?

They will only remain  as fodders and slaves of the winners


Frey , your world and my world were  same, once

Like the refined  flours from where those mighty Pop- Industry been evolved

But yet people used to remember only you in the time of sharing the loaf

Therefore, we will have lived forever in the shades of your name

Either singing your song, or selling your fame

We will also survive in this accursed fair of the music.



19th January, 2016


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