The reality

Here everybody seek liberty through popularity

Cause it will strengthen their security.

Here everybody seek peace through the dream of an arid land

Thats why, they don’t feel the pain of Padma-Meghna’s wetlands.

They don’t feel the song of Tagore, or the tune of Nazrul

They only seek the stigmas of subcontinent and Delta rules

Yet they forgetful about their own green roots.

They turnaround their eyes from the sun, from the indigenous thoughts

Which only help the faith to grows in this filthy existence of growl

Silently imprisoned their deep insight and unaware about its howl!

They curse their own insight and condemned as a ally of Lucifer

Then someday it evolved as a comfortably giant-brutal-monster.

Day by day the monster overpowered them by the brandishing of its old sword

Now they stomp in the bank of Padma with the dream of swallowing the whole world.

20th January, 2016


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