A silence addict




Still you can find relief within the hot temperature

If you could set aside  it from life

To say life, I utterly dragged down the silence here

Hearing this some one could even laugh out!

Or others could remain response-less

Otherwise it wont be a life anymore!

In this skillful walking alone one must pick out the silence

Instead of being world worry or else one extract the silence anyway.

Outside the window full of concrete jungle,

Where the world is groaning with the nonstop sound of stone grinders.

Thugs of the little alley have already been run away silently

Yet I’m the only one who keeps  on saying about the sweet silence to the dearest!

Morning has broken and the sudden winds of heaven has  blown away

And the still the silence remains as the most incipient

It kept jumping after me like a puppy

And I must put up with that.




30th April, 2016




Longing for a journey of endless path

Nobody knew that what misery could occurred

On the track that I left behind,

Sudden Stumble down while walking down

As the land cracked out in front of one’s eyes.

But yet, question dangles

Why did you lose yourself?

That’s still remaining as unborn sin

If you didn’t, then life could flow like water

And you would be the prince of life,

No doubt!!

It carries its soliloquy as I heed

In the meantime the evening starting to fall,

It supposed to be another evening

After the thousand of evenings had fallen, nonchalantly!

All that washed away

Through the beauty of hazy hectic state of mind

The blue cumulus clouds bring forth a lingo

It petted on my old bold head again and again

And beholding myself, as my senior walking down

Through the endless path!!


29th April, 2016


Let it blow first as it’s the only volatile

Let it blow first as it’s the only volatile

Lets die before you get the ticket of freedom.

And behold the mystery but not the manifestation

Cause its simply the trivial coloring……

Thus, we be the temple of serenity, not a piece of form!

Let not urge for the explanation, oh my ancient friends

Who could grasp the words among the tacit wordings

Let decorate the life through the true words

And twirl within the watery flow

Desire-less, crave-less blow!!

Where the night is bright

And the day without tongue

Let me flow through the words of slip of paper

And let me be soft as water as it accomplish everything.


28th April, 2016

A stagnant story of stupid character certificate

I wove a hundred stored skyscraper through my sacred web

Yet, couldn’t refrain yourself to evaluate me archetypally

So, question could arise, is that my very existence,

Which exist only inside my tarnished skin?

Whether you listen it or not

But yet, it flung a enormous postulation towards the blue

I know, when the essence of a man has been hanged

in the saddest mural of  past,

Then even a roomful of boggy would stop

Inside the story of stupid character certificate.



27th April, 2016

In the game of Mystery and Manifestation

Being a human or a dog, nothing matters

Its just a manifestation of mystery.

We draw the wall in between them

Which only bring the superficiality in the highway of humanity.

We can named a dog in a different name

And it wont bring a single change,

Neither in humanity or in naturality.

Thus the way we go astray from the mystery.

It is is hard to define the  mystery through colors

But everybody love to chose that way


26th April, 2016

Absolute joke

It’ll endure like this

Since the joker’s spell still inflating

Who could dare it will be chop down

So, it says just count down the leaves above

What could be the essence of it?!

Oh, absolute joke!!

How can we get rid of this joking?

Wait for another decay

Let see, if it could invent the time machine!!

Will they pacified after seeing the truth

Oh, that’s a big philosophical question!!




25th April, 2016

Let me take in your arms

Let me take in your arms

Oh, the city of southern verge.

Accept this insignificance life

And let it blow through your wind.

The kiting of that life without any question

Who conceived the ritual as the husk of truth.

Let him introduce the truth

As it sweeping throughout the ages.

Thus this micro life manifests as the cumulus to him

Always tend to extract the mysteries through the manifestation

As an astray of alley sniff around for the truth all the day.

Hide and seek

Hide and seek, the primordial game is going on

Though I became a simply beginner by cleansing

The mind cleansed, heart cleansed and the motion too

But still have to walk alone within the handcuff of goo

Why goo? Which goo? There is a an concluding answer

And yet Had to stopped, before that mascara-ding graver

That acts in between the evil and good, evolved from the myths obviously

Thus I have to play a long hide and seek before the nature catch me sinuously.

Taint-less Rasputin

Not doing anything

But still doing through the hovering of dream.

Thus it is coming from the source

People grim, a showy beard master’s laughing brims

Since he always sniffs the manifestation, polarization

Better to move stealthily whence the city needs urgently

Shadows of dissidents yelling and saying the guru is coming

Open up your windows and threshold

Just wait for the taint-less Rasputin.

Brandishing the non-violent stand-gun

The worthless chatting over the phone will have ended
Thus the mail will appear again in our domain of mind.
perhaps, disguising as a tawny tropical postcard
through the obsolete yelling eureka moment.
It will shed happiness within the solitude
as ten thousand heavens gratified in the open sky
hence, everything will shed, rambling,
lamenting, seditious lovely conversations,
and that most yielding cyber chatting
Intrigued me to brandish the non-violent stand-gun
Along with the remaining love songs