Longing for the four walls

In my childhood, I got used to with the four well known walls

Then sun rose a thousand of times through the window or ventilator

Sometimes I soared up as a bird

And back again as a hungry puppy

But suddenly without any indication

Transformation happened to me absurdly

Likewise the flabby character of Sukumer

I tried to fly up with the inflated limbs

But nothing had happened,

Despite some kind of futility

Hence, I gave farewell to  Schwarzenegger

And now when I’ve changed into a complete supple being

And took a flight of ten thousand miles as a dragon of Lao Tzu

Then again learned to love the four well-known walls

But yet again I got notice of displacement

Now I’m heading for the home town

Where the four wall still longing for me.



13th May, 2016


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