I know why my life is so beautiful

I know why my life is so beautiful
People want to know my livelihood?
I answer them the truth
They want to know more about me?
I reply them this is only my mind
I live only with the joy of mind!

An intellectual who always think he is the genius only
Always tend to find out my flaws
He asked me reversely,
Why are you so supple?
I answered him, it is the reflection of my mind
Cause I’m made up with the mud of my mind
That’s why I’m so soften!

A cunning beard person always give me the sermons
And say to me, righteousness brings serenity
I replied him, I only believe in the purity of mind
Cause through this mind I see, hear
That’s why I know why my life is so beautiful!

29th June, 2016

Knowing that I have a kinship with the sorrow

Knowing that I have a kinship with the sorrow
I stumbled down on the earth.
Hiding that relation, I lost everything
And the people interpreted me wrongly.

Knowing that I have a kinship with the sorrow
I ignored the way of self destruction
Cause I discovered the truth unconsciously
Hail, hail to this venerable watery brain.

Knowing that I have a kinship with the sorrow
I conquered the sorrow through the softness
The water who quench my thirst, musing on that watery brain
I tend to forget, swallow the queen of grief

And become impermanent through the watery
And again turn into Not self through the transiency
That’s the way of life
Strategy to forget the sorrow!

28th June, 2016


A young lady asked me

What could be the best approach of music?

I answered through the thread,

“To understanding music is like

To understanding philosophy

To understanding life”

She giggled with her painted lips

While I turned back to the window

Where bucolic scenario always allured

Music animated throughout the brain field

Oh, if the piano would be here!

I could easily portray it here!!


27th June, 2016

At last end of the eve


At last end of the eve, self have been sacrificed
Now I became joyous like the Earth.
In mirth sometimes I lied across the rivers
Where the history dance between the grasses
And again touch the sky and the sun
Without squinting while gazed
Yet the tears dripping down
And reminds me that, I was a being once!
Rising from the Pacific aftermath
Seeing the rain-forest, give rise a feelings of delta
Cause once I was moving around the silted land.
While I reach to the Himalaya as a big bird
And become a not-self while meditate
Then again I enter into the realm of music
Give rise the feelings of musician
Whilst I had a Garth of notes!!
And lit the torch of music,
In the Olympic!

26th June, 2016



I’m sorrow-less
….. not amazed by phenomenon
Yet decorate the phenomenon within serene.
No suffering, no pain
Cause I’m comfortably wise!
Or terribly fool in open eyes!!
I’m the mine’s
………Only accompany
I can create the bliss
Through the on going windmill.
Keep my body-clock
Within sharp scrutiny.
You cant see my wrinkles
Cause my Maya is a bit murky.
I’m addicted with matchbox……
Knowing to burn if needed…….
Annihilate the gusty signal 10
Keep me relax within being cowardice
Thus I’m brave
Literally watery!

18th June, 2016


Busying oneself

And I’m none to whom all those blames weighted down

I was imperfect and chuckled everywhere what I’ve seen

But now I’m serious, a little bit gloomy you can see

And here inside me a half dozen mechanical devices

Going on without any productive goal

Thus someone laughed out, I thought it’s you

But It was just a tall shadow who loves to dance

You know it’s just a whim of a monk

Who is looking for a chances!

Just an inchworm busying oneself!!



17th June, 2016

Arnold Schwarzenegger


Arnold, you who were the great Carling master
You who utterly became a flamboyant monster
You who dragged a generation into the world of lifter
You who had the radish like biceps of useless fighter
You who had wrongly taught us to live like body builder
Now you realized why the softer over come the harder!
You who had misguided the whole America to be the body lover
Instead of harness the mind and forget the fragile body forever!
Now you are crying silently because you are the great loser
Loser, cause you never learned how to be a great truth lover
All that you were was a dinosaur disguise in Schwarzenegger
All that you were was a cyborg disguise in Schwarzenegger

Oh woman



Is it the inherited aberration?
or the intrusive whim of momentum
which has blown by madly gusty wind
I don’t know.
Knowing only that the flow of life has been
Interrupted in the empty dried up path
Of murky manifestation that turned into
A blackboard.
hence I can’t-
walk without you into the dark alley
nevertheless the limb grows, and in that
dark-side of lethal addiction the human eyes
stoop down as torch!
in that act of screaming, I, I or not-self wouldn’t
be lost in a newly fashioned perversion, not in to
the real history of silky red Sari, but I want you
in my dream so
oh woman!

17th June 2016