Hurling the love

Here hurling love in the city
The city which never supine
Like me but always went forth.
Through the haunting window
We always observe the city
As it’s original guardian.
Though here you see
I’m musing and idling only
Yet we never swept away.
Kind of tendril we are
Always hug around it’s neck.


7th May, 2016



Death has another meaning

Death has another meaning

Discover oneself in a unknown dingle

From where the human race began

As they migrated from another delve

Another earth, bluish or anything

Death will have gathered together

In the stream of a overrated clan

Who have never unified for better

Who always had a depression

Due to the presence of unicorn

Like goat of heaven, who sings

Along with curse and liturgy

So death will bring peace

Among those who have been

Beheaded, stoned, moreover

Who were nonconformist,

Agnostic in trendy fate

Who accepts his fate within

The wiggly, absurdness of life

Till the end. So death has no fend.


6th June, 2016