Here in the old city



Here every path

Carrying certain memories

Thus my heart get withered



Since everywhere you stepped down

From the bus station

To the university.


Smashed down all the hopes

Of our precious love

For the time….


Sudden rain like a sudden whim

Has appeared from heaven…..

I got down from the bus

Just following the fragrant of rain

Musing and pondering

On the old words

Of heavenly conversations.


23rd August, 2016


An iota on Karen Armstrong

Indeed, the women are stronger than the men. Although I don’t like to separate them like a whim of a bigot. As Lao Tzu said be male but keep onto the female…….. henceforth I love everything what had written down in this mysterious treatise.
And now its crystal clear while I’m dreaming, sleeping, eating with the book called A HISTORY OF GOD by Karen Armstrong. What Armstrong depicted, so far I nosed into that and I found completely overwhelming. Her wordings are like the way an unaware beauty walking alone down the street. So lucid indeed!


23rd August, 2016