An incurable blab of the pave

From the beginning of our growing process, we began to take it for granted the some of the old whining ideas. And as we grew old, we learned simultaneously the recitation of Holy Quran as a tradition and during that learning period the Hujur(who teaches Quran) always scolded the westerners without any reason as Yahudi and Nasara, whenever they got chance.

So we are growing old and trying to hold out our own philosophies, that’s okay.

But today when I was coming across a commercial street, I heard something more, “oh those Jews and Christians are just screwing us and so to my working place, which is a very common phenomenon when some Mullahs always gather out in the translation center for such trivial issues. But I always tries to take a stance against those wrong views. Yet, will there be any cure when most of the blub of the paves related to those xenophobic issues which are originated from Arab. Remember we are in such country where you find a madrasha student from every three pupil.


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