This mind is not mine

Today, I learned a great lesson from a Zen Magazine. The editorial said that, “the mind which you used to hold on isn’t your. That’s a very common quote with whom I encountered with many times, but today it became comprehensible to me. For instance, a Zen story narrated that, “the essence of your mind isn’t born, so it’ll never die…. It’s not an existence, which is perishable. It’s not an emptiness, which is a mere void…….it enjoys no pleasures and suffers no pain.”

Yes, after experiencing a weekend long meditative state that stands as a great discovery from my side, when I comfortably lost myself into the trance and realized this mind isn’t mine, it just endowed to me for a while. So it’s a complete detachment since this last attachment called “mind” got lost from me, and only thing that I have to do with it is to take care of it. Even though the mind is not mine but the caring must be drastic.


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