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Absolute joke

It’ll endure like this

Since the joker’s spell still inflating

Who could dare it will be chop down

So, it says just count down the leaves above

What could be the essence of it?!

Oh, absolute joke!!

How can we get rid of this joking?

Wait for another decay

Let see, if it could invent the time machine!!

Will they pacified after seeing the truth

Oh, that’s a big philosophical question!!




25th April, 2016

Be supple like a yogi



Don’t look at the mirror

As you bulk up fast,

Instead spill your fat

As you grown up last.

Try to go back to your enfant stage

strecth down your life out of craze,

Be supple and soft like a yogi

Instead of huge hulk junkie!

Embrace the philosophy of Patanjali

And throw the life style of popularity!



2nd march 2016

Hey primitive licentious hero!

One day you will stand towards the altar

Hey, premitive licentious

Don’t be over confident

And oneday your realm of hatred will bound to fall


Spagetti bearded weired grin

Always spawns the hositility even in your dream

But one day  your every tricks will have failed surely

Hey, Seth of premitive promiscuity


At that day no body will come to save you

When the king of nature will be  disguised as the southern wind

And We the followers of Dao will surround you with our thorn of flowers

Remember this, hey primitive licentious  hero!


Mr Europe please heed the call

Flooding of refugees terrifies me
Like thousands of lance falling
From the superstitious chimney
Of inhuman Arab souls, sorry
I know people are starving,
Dying, subjecting, hiding,
But what about scrutiny
Will they claim Germany?
For this flows of innocent refugees
Or France for withholding its fallacy
Led to Nato to dethroned Gaddafi!
And I could say France never learned
From the past, Vietnam, Algerie …..
So what about other minors
I mean, Austria, Serbia, Hungary!
Shall we lose Europe among the insanity
Of tantalizing Arabian dream of heaven!
While they’ve butchered many nations
And their cultures in this fashion
So I’m pleading to leaders of Europe-
Be prudence, and don’t grope.