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Now is the time

Now is the time to back again to the sweet home
Tattooed with the true words and end up the roam

Now is the time to hold the lance over decolorized page
Find out the meaning of inanities as it done by a sage

Now is the time to be calm my friends, to be refrained
Returning as a king of mind and throned here again.


2nd may, 2016


Curry of bricks and stones and the story of overdosed happy new year

In the alley

There will be a feast of curry

Hence, the utensil has been brimmed

With bricks and stones!

They spill with the rhythm of sad idiotic blues

My guitar get hearts again and again…

However it can screams without getting hoarse

Nonetheless, seeing this, the monsters still stand gradually

In the passion of touching the supple cool sky.

And all the strays have already been displaced

All the tawny and blue birds too….

Seeing these, the master who got used to with the open sky

And put it into her eyes as spectacle!!

For what reason he had to got down from the stair with the buch of young goats?

He shouldn’t be a scapegoat for this petty reason

While the unloved young bird hums throughout the plane unconsciously!!

And implies the words that can explained as

We don’t throb, so as to world

But only the homo sapiens!


And refers that the world is only for the beu-cowards

or for the devil in disguise!


14th April, 2016


When Nikhil Plays

When Nikhil Plays
It buzzes through my brain
Muffling and tangling within my brain
The brain which is full of ragas and chords but yet remain unspoken outwardly
If you put a note within the resolution then it would create a symphony of whirlpool
Oh don’t get hurt as I’m proclaiming myself as a good object
Don’t messed up me with the outward manifestation
Rather, this I will remain unspoken forever
I’ll flow with the complete supplement through the musicality!

3rd march, 2016

(Pt. Nikhil Banerjee is one of the eminent sitar maestro. A Bengali, died in his 50’s at 1986 but still renown as one of the best Sitar player of all time……. )

Be supple like a yogi



Don’t look at the mirror

As you bulk up fast,

Instead spill your fat

As you grown up last.

Try to go back to your enfant stage

strecth down your life out of craze,

Be supple and soft like a yogi

Instead of huge hulk junkie!

Embrace the philosophy of Patanjali

And throw the life style of popularity!



2nd march 2016

The necessity of Art and Culture

enjoy art. without art and culture no nation cannot achieve enlightenment. I know many people who used to boast about their degrees but never question, ‘where they are on the bank of culture?’  Try to open your eyes and just compare the Arab with Europe. definitely you will have reached your answer. Why is European calm and gentle? And why the Arabs are so arrogant and opinionated about their sheer fallacies……. thanks to my great friend Atıf Can Ökten of Turkey.

Atıf Can Ökten's photo.