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We are the aliens

We are alien since we have distinctive feature

Where hairs sparsely distributed on this creature

We are human but cleverly labeled as mammal

In disguise we don’t  carry neither birds or animal’s culture.

We are so ugly that’s why we become so sexy

Yet  we boast  we have the most beautiful body

How could it would be beautiful if its so fragile?

We couldn’t even stared at the sun don’t be agile!

We always go on about our difficult back pain

But yet we think of to conquer the whole realms

Yes, we have hair, we have brain and we know how to gain

Isn’t it enough to be calm, and admit to say we are nothing but aliens.



9th May,2016


Absolute joke

It’ll endure like this

Since the joker’s spell still inflating

Who could dare it will be chop down

So, it says just count down the leaves above

What could be the essence of it?!

Oh, absolute joke!!

How can we get rid of this joking?

Wait for another decay

Let see, if it could invent the time machine!!

Will they pacified after seeing the truth

Oh, that’s a big philosophical question!!




25th April, 2016

There’s a scarcity of entheogen, remember

Dazzled ignorance like toasted bread

Gulped down in the same route of transcending

Yet it thought there lays the imagined heaven,

In the domain of weeds and dispute

Those human organisms grows only

Craving to live in the big city

And grabs the citizenship anyway,

Smearing the face with Fair and Lovely

And devoured the belly with sacred perfumes

Remember, stupid you can’t by an entheogen

Cause it neither grows nor produces ignorance!


17th April, 2016

Curry of bricks and stones and the story of overdosed happy new year

In the alley

There will be a feast of curry

Hence, the utensil has been brimmed

With bricks and stones!

They spill with the rhythm of sad idiotic blues

My guitar get hearts again and again…

However it can screams without getting hoarse

Nonetheless, seeing this, the monsters still stand gradually

In the passion of touching the supple cool sky.

And all the strays have already been displaced

All the tawny and blue birds too….

Seeing these, the master who got used to with the open sky

And put it into her eyes as spectacle!!

For what reason he had to got down from the stair with the buch of young goats?

He shouldn’t be a scapegoat for this petty reason

While the unloved young bird hums throughout the plane unconsciously!!

And implies the words that can explained as

We don’t throb, so as to world

But only the homo sapiens!


And refers that the world is only for the beu-cowards

or for the devil in disguise!


14th April, 2016


Paper game

The white paper doesn’t know about the story of a tarnish twig

That has certainly been put into this paper game

Where the people act as soccer player with their holy pen

Sometimes they put blobs which caused the foul

And sometimes they laughing out loud while they win

Today I took my pen to play on and I won some likes as they boost up my inspiration

But some poems succumbed even before I named them, what a sigh!