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Let me die in my way

Let me die in my way

Let me enjoy the art of dying

Let me be a single seed of the graveyard

Fromwhere it’ll rise again, dear

Try to discern it trough your plain seeing

Cause non-being always gives birth to beeing.


4th  May, 2016


Now is the time

Now is the time to back again to the sweet home
Tattooed with the true words and end up the roam

Now is the time to hold the lance over decolorized page
Find out the meaning of inanities as it done by a sage

Now is the time to be calm my friends, to be refrained
Returning as a king of mind and throned here again.


2nd may, 2016

Brandishing the non-violent stand-gun

The worthless chatting over the phone will have ended
Thus the mail will appear again in our domain of mind.
perhaps, disguising as a tawny tropical postcard
through the obsolete yelling eureka moment.
It will shed happiness within the solitude
as ten thousand heavens gratified in the open sky
hence, everything will shed, rambling,
lamenting, seditious lovely conversations,
and that most yielding cyber chatting
Intrigued me to brandish the non-violent stand-gun
Along with the remaining love songs

Living as a snail

Now Its time to be a snail

To live life into the shell of snail

look out through its subtle whole

to the infinite horizon of soul.

be touched by the untouched memory

and the sad story of sanctuary,

from thence lets the exodus begin

through an unwounded journey

with the dream of Nirvan honey.

Nobody will hurt

If I would blow

let me be me

Let me out of me

my formless fairy!




18th April, 2016


The image that I’ve taken

The image that I’ve taken is the natural one

The way nature goes

The way water flows.


The image that I’ve taken isn’t stiff

It is rather supple and soft

It yields and breeds.


The motion that I’ve taken is only returning

Its like back to the sweet home

Its like dying in sleep after a roam.


The way that I’ve taken is to yield

It will thrive through your field

Likewise a hidden amount of ten thousand guild.




16th April, 2016


If you a ask me, what could be the best creed of life? My answer is just follow the water. Yes, its sounds like something affiliated with the Taoism! But I’m saying it earnestly that water is the perfect example of peace and silence. Just follow it’s gait, trait or anything you see during it’s manifestation. Its essence is always perfect, always from the primal source.

Just observe how spontaneously it flows! How supple or soft it is! Hence you could be more and more supple as you are. Think, water never falls wrongly. It always falls on right direction. If you can apply 8th noble path throush the suppleness in your life you would feel yourself deep as water, tranquil as water and we will have undoubtedly encountered the serenity forever.

So the theory is Eight fold Noble Path + Watery trait

When Nikhil Plays

When Nikhil Plays
It buzzes through my brain
Muffling and tangling within my brain
The brain which is full of ragas and chords but yet remain unspoken outwardly
If you put a note within the resolution then it would create a symphony of whirlpool
Oh don’t get hurt as I’m proclaiming myself as a good object
Don’t messed up me with the outward manifestation
Rather, this I will remain unspoken forever
I’ll flow with the complete supplement through the musicality!

3rd march, 2016

(Pt. Nikhil Banerjee is one of the eminent sitar maestro. A Bengali, died in his 50’s at 1986 but still renown as one of the best Sitar player of all time……. )