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It is really true that the world leaders are seemed quite oblivion about the future of the Bengali(Bangali) people. Actually, there are two Bengals, one is Bangladesh, a sovereign state of South East Asia and the other is West Bengal in India. Historically, Assam, Tripura(Indian states) also once the part of Greater Bengal. Then we have to go back to the 19th century when Bengal had been divided first time forcibly by East India Company(British Emperor). Venerable poet, philosopher RabindraNath Thakur widely known as Tagore, raised his voice against the partition at that time.


He wrote in a popular child Song:

“You become angry after a girl-
When she breaks an oil cruet,
But why you keep yourself mute?
When Bengal is being divided by these old fellows?”

> Partition took again a few years after Tagore’s death. We know of no nation in the history which had divided twice for the worth of others. A pity, if you ask.

Anyway, I like to focus on both of the Bengali speaking portions. Sadly both of the west and east part(Bangladesh) are now highly densest places in the world. Bangladesh is a land of 55,595 square miles with 160 million people whereas the West Bengal has around 30,000 square miles with 120 million people.


Imagine how over populated they are now? If we compare a US State which covered similar size of land as Bangladesh or West Bengal,”Iowa” for instance, which includes only 3 million people, the per capita land must be 50 or70 times than ours!

The complicacy of the overpopulation which Malthus drew before a century back has now come to a reality. Bangladesh is such a country where everything is happening but silently. A huge population, where more than 30% of people living below the national poverty line and a huge area of Deltas could be lost in the near future as the sea level is frequently rising.

Moreover, Monsoon rain creates regular flooding over here, child work, abduction, oppression, killing, slaughter over people and the political hostility are like a daily taboo. A lot of people sleeping in the footpath at night and forced to be displaced or become hobos by the subsequent flooding and the land grab culture.

But the regime doesn’t look to be bothered about what is happening? Sometimes I feel, we are nothing, but slaves of the two major political parties, Bangladesh Awami-League and BNP(Bangladesh National Party) those who have been ruling the country for last 24 years regularly. Both of the parties leaders think that Bangladesh is their land which they inherited by either paternal source or husband source. And we are just lower class people comfortably surviving for some foods and shelter. The reality is that we are governed by an anonymous monarchy covered by the fake democracy.

Comparatively, West Bengal is in a much better situation as a part of India and their law-enforcement agencies are in good shape though over population is still a major problem in that part also.

If we look around the corner we will find that from north to south less populated nations(stronger) are occupying a huge part of the world. For example Norway and Australia possessing  a large part of Antarctica compared to their meagre population.(I don’t mean that we have to possess some lands over that ice berg)!

We cannot get over these 55,595 square miles, or not being able to absorb it while “Conscience of the world” seems to be gazing at the situation silently. UNESCO is more anxious about Middle East where only a small population resides as compared to Bangladesh. But when it comes to Bengali’s or Bangladesh the UNESCO remains silent.

Why couldn’t we think of the world as a whole global village? Or, why couldn’t we think world as a whole problem? Isn’t it better if we settled some Bengali’s in some of the sparsely inhabited islands around the world for the sake of humanity and theirs bright future?
A few of large countries still holding the much of the land with very small population, while we Bengali’s are counting our days in a small cage!