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I know why my life is so beautiful

I know why my life is so beautiful
People want to know my livelihood?
I answer them the truth
They want to know more about me?
I reply them this is only my mind
I live only with the joy of mind!

An intellectual who always think he is the genius only
Always tend to find out my flaws
He asked me reversely,
Why are you so supple?
I answered him, it is the reflection of my mind
Cause I’m made up with the mud of my mind
That’s why I’m so soften!

A cunning beard person always give me the sermons
And say to me, righteousness brings serenity
I replied him, I only believe in the purity of mind
Cause through this mind I see, hear
That’s why I know why my life is so beautiful!

29th June, 2016


Remember that

I didn’t appeared here only to be a poet

Rather wanted to find out the completeness of my existence only.

Never intend to prove my distinction

Rather strive to be a not-self only, mingled with all sources

I’m not brought down here to show my knowledge

Cause who boasts he is the only fit for this job.

Don’t have single intention to find out other’s faults

If necessary I would come here infinitely only to cleanse myself

Remember that!


12th May, 2016

In this harvest moody blues

I swept my canvas

Only to draw you

The moon disguise in you grined

Saying, “its too late wretched one!”

Hence, “I” lost forever within the softness

Of moonlight, still moonlighting as a leftover

From where the mellow blues forms

As the downpoure starts stealthily

Says, “will you willingly joint with me

In this harvest moody blues!”



9th May, 2016

Now is the time

Now is the time to back again to the sweet home
Tattooed with the true words and end up the roam

Now is the time to hold the lance over decolorized page
Find out the meaning of inanities as it done by a sage

Now is the time to be calm my friends, to be refrained
Returning as a king of mind and throned here again.


2nd may, 2016

Living as a snail

Now Its time to be a snail

To live life into the shell of snail

look out through its subtle whole

to the infinite horizon of soul.

be touched by the untouched memory

and the sad story of sanctuary,

from thence lets the exodus begin

through an unwounded journey

with the dream of Nirvan honey.

Nobody will hurt

If I would blow

let me be me

Let me out of me

my formless fairy!




18th April, 2016


The image that I’ve taken

The image that I’ve taken is the natural one

The way nature goes

The way water flows.


The image that I’ve taken isn’t stiff

It is rather supple and soft

It yields and breeds.


The motion that I’ve taken is only returning

Its like back to the sweet home

Its like dying in sleep after a roam.


The way that I’ve taken is to yield

It will thrive through your field

Likewise a hidden amount of ten thousand guild.




16th April, 2016