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The Not-self that snuggled down
Hover as beetle around the corners of the fifteen and twentieth floors
Fade away promptly within the runway before it soars up through the window span.
I took a sigh of a sorrow-less wizard in the digital speed!

Henceforth he wont be imprisoned  inside the bottle of morality anymore
Rather muse about the aliens
And then fainted within the planet without any intention.

You won’t find an alley over there
Even in there Holy Lexicon
Therefore air show goes on
Through the absence of “happiness”
Alter-self wondered after seeing the Phoenix Kites
that glided around the empty sky!

Life of the middle age always throbbed, always sweats
Dips the scripture which has already been lost it’s inherit necessity
Hence, the old Chinese and the Indian treatises manifest
Ardently besides all entreaties

Let the triumph long endure
Of the Indians
Of the Chinese
Of the watery philosophies

Let brace the impact of the original
Which manifests in the open eyes
Become tangible easily in the palm
And the logic full of cup brims easily!

The filthy fate has already been burned thoroughly
The new-ism is already placed its stance
Fuming the silence and sizzling the vile

Bequeath the greatness of the realm of water
Through the water flow
Through the sorrow-less stream
and yet my new life!



The mind without water!

The mind without water always steels to face something difficult

thats why it embraces stiffness. Tatooed with rigid emblem that never disappear!

If you can inject water into your mind only then you can return to your serenity, in reality or precisely to the originality.

In this late in the evening

I had a guitar to strum it in the park

Only of the dalliance with a tree caused to forget you

The broken drums set and the invisible Piano saying

The golden sexophone with its broken teeth saying

I want you, I want you darling

In this late in the evening


Very lately with this witherd physique

after crossing the Himalya

And yet, thinking here onto the Alpse

To draw you with the dried up brushes and colors

And thus floating on the boat of the painting

Yes I know, its very late!

Umm, its very late!

In the depth of life

In the depth of life

I found only you

but  yet, I lost you in my lush


now, I’m running after water

But not for the quench

I’m here for the mystery mountain


Flowers bloom and leaves withered

Practicing wordless teaching

Even better……


Evening falls like Gogh’ painting

Mist silhouetted the zen garden

And I spared……


Life goes on, and the life goes on

Being give births to non-being

Just listening the saying


Non-being bluing  the labyrinth beneath the valley

Husk of ritual whirling through misty

Hence, shall be dusty

And the life closed its history!

The dairy!



6th march, 2016

Be supple like a yogi



Don’t look at the mirror

As you bulk up fast,

Instead spill your fat

As you grown up last.

Try to go back to your enfant stage

strecth down your life out of craze,

Be supple and soft like a yogi

Instead of huge hulk junkie!

Embrace the philosophy of Patanjali

And throw the life style of popularity!



2nd march 2016

World is my part

World is my part
Its always expanding
And so to my mind
World has many dimensions
As I could be define through many angles
If you ask an ant it would say something different
It could even labeled me as something as ever evolving
But not forget to ask the butterfly
Who’s fragile wings always flatters
Colors always changes through harmony
Then you could approach a tree about me
He would say, ‘oh the world is beautiful’
He couldn’t even identify you as a different being
Thus the way it always sees the world