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Why I believe in eternal return


I believe in eternal return and the recurrence is essential and inevitable. If we diagnosis our life thoroughly we will undoubtedly find out the recurrence in so many forms.The recurrence of a idea
after a decay, or even after the 20 years. Likewise ripen fruit, people discover that everything they achieved actually that has been achieved in their youth. However, a person could be derailed or went astray from his real state but a sensible person will must back to the real state, isn’t a symptom of recurrence within a short physical life!! I would say in the further aspect that actually everything that one could achieved it was actually somehow achieved in his/her 18 or even in some cases at 11/12.
So, thinking about eternal return is quite natural. Its natural to think about how we grow? or how we have been created? Perhaps one’s very idea could have evolved from a Abrahamic thoughts or an Indo-Chinese thoughts but in reality to think about eternal life is natural and hopefully, it’ll remain untouched even if the human civilization bound to succumb from the earth one day.
But ironically, only through the idea of eternal return we can hope that the human civilization could burgeon again in other planet, other galaxy or even in somewhere which is beyond our imagination.
So, if the imagination could be infinitum then eternal return is a solid idea. Solid as gold and remain static.
Cause mind is eternal, if we take the first verse of Dhammapada here……
All that we are is the result of what we have thought. It is founded on our thought,…………….
So, if we take it as the one of the greatest truth of the life then it’ll imply the existence of eternal return.

3rd May, 2016



Paper game

The white paper doesn’t know about the story of a tarnish twig

That has certainly been put into this paper game

Where the people act as soccer player with their holy pen

Sometimes they put blobs which caused the foul

And sometimes they laughing out loud while they win

Today I took my pen to play on and I won some likes as they boost up my inspiration

But some poems succumbed even before I named them, what a sigh!


Lucidity might grow after all these cleansing

Cleansing of heart, sheer lust and a bobcat of the mind

All could be labeled as nuisance at this stage of cyclotron

Even the dangling tongue that had been sucking the earth

For the salty taste of suckling love features only shuddering nights

Halo of the futile hell also handcuffed you through the antenna of your mind

And you subsequently took allegiance on that futility of haze-crazed by maze

But when you realized that you’ve been fallin’ from this magnolia heaven of haven

Certainly you’ve been glided throughout the panorama as a kite and the concealed freedom