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Look at the signboard of “Bata Super Store” and think how it managed the attention among the congested buildings.
Bata is the premier brand here and has a big business in this over crowded city, Dhaka, capital of Bangladesh.
You can see in the image and guess how many buses and people over there? Just remember, this is the Gulistan, busiest bus station of the most densest city of the world.
Just next behind the signboard an under construction multistory building is manifested from the long distance and ironically who’s empty portions are exposed like the many different hungry mouths of the corporate world! 
If you are stared at the street and ask how many people over there? The answer will be five thousand or six thousand, even more! If you can look out through the footpath, behind all the bunch of people, you will be startled to find that thousand of hawkers selling garments, shoes , books, magazines, etc on the both side of the road. To get more detail idea, you can extend your view which could cover the whole image of Gulistan and you will certainly be astonished to find more than 300,000 of people all together. How many people lives in Iceland? (something deep down inside me, asked ). So 150,000 pairs of shoes! Will Bata be able to provide the shoes of these myriads of people? .. in such a cheaper price, from $1 to 10 dollars.
If you look around everywhere you will be encountered another reality that slowly and gradually Dhaka is covering with the bill-boards and this time its not Bata, It is the many different mobile companies.There are more than ten bill-boards on the top of an old building, most of them are written in Bengali and rest of them in English.This is a such a city where rich are getting richer and poorer are just hardly surviving. But despite of poverty people are still dreaming for the mobile set. “Bangladesh where more than 50 million of mobile users”-boasted loudly by the country manager of a mobile company. Oh yes, country of 160million people, where more than 30% of people living below the national poverty line. And where 90% bill-boards are draped with the greatness of corporate world in this Tinsel-Town.