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At last end of the eve


At last end of the eve, self have been sacrificed
Now I became joyous like the Earth.
In mirth sometimes I lied across the rivers
Where the history dance between the grasses
And again touch the sky and the sun
Without squinting while gazed
Yet the tears dripping down
And reminds me that, I was a being once!
Rising from the Pacific aftermath
Seeing the rain-forest, give rise a feelings of delta
Cause once I was moving around the silted land.
While I reach to the Himalaya as a big bird
And become a not-self while meditate
Then again I enter into the realm of music
Give rise the feelings of musician
Whilst I had a Garth of notes!!
And lit the torch of music,
In the Olympic!

26th June, 2016

Arnold Schwarzenegger


Arnold, you who were the great Carling master
You who utterly became a flamboyant monster
You who dragged a generation into the world of lifter
You who had the radish like biceps of useless fighter
You who had wrongly taught us to live like body builder
Now you realized why the softer over come the harder!
You who had misguided the whole America to be the body lover
Instead of harness the mind and forget the fragile body forever!
Now you are crying silently because you are the great loser
Loser, cause you never learned how to be a great truth lover
All that you were was a dinosaur disguise in Schwarzenegger
All that you were was a cyborg disguise in Schwarzenegger

We are the aliens

We are alien since we have distinctive feature

Where hairs sparsely distributed on this creature

We are human but cleverly labeled as mammal

In disguise we don’t  carry neither birds or animal’s culture.

We are so ugly that’s why we become so sexy

Yet  we boast  we have the most beautiful body

How could it would be beautiful if its so fragile?

We couldn’t even stared at the sun don’t be agile!

We always go on about our difficult back pain

But yet we think of to conquer the whole realms

Yes, we have hair, we have brain and we know how to gain

Isn’t it enough to be calm, and admit to say we are nothing but aliens.



9th May,2016

If Sunny Leone would be the prime of India



Havoc, don’t show your agitated hands

She would be a prime of India in sequence.


Thence she could bring Kama-Sutra

Instead of Narendra Modi’s Yoga.


Yes, she could easily pacified the people

Who raped girls in the bus with her lustful grapple.


Even she could bring peace among her belligerent neighbors

To carry out the foreign tours in the disguise of seditious ex-tours.

A stagnant story of stupid character certificate

I wove a hundred stored skyscraper through my sacred web

Yet, couldn’t refrain yourself to evaluate me archetypally

So, question could arise, is that my very existence,

Which exist only inside my tarnished skin?

Whether you listen it or not

But yet, it flung a enormous postulation towards the blue

I know, when the essence of a man has been hanged

in the saddest mural of  past,

Then even a roomful of boggy would stop

Inside the story of stupid character certificate.



27th April, 2016

Hide and seek

Hide and seek, the primordial game is going on

Though I became a simply beginner by cleansing

The mind cleansed, heart cleansed and the motion too

But still have to walk alone within the handcuff of goo

Why goo? Which goo? There is a an concluding answer

And yet Had to stopped, before that mascara-ding graver

That acts in between the evil and good, evolved from the myths obviously

Thus I have to play a long hide and seek before the nature catch me sinuously.

Living as a snail

Now Its time to be a snail

To live life into the shell of snail

look out through its subtle whole

to the infinite horizon of soul.

be touched by the untouched memory

and the sad story of sanctuary,

from thence lets the exodus begin

through an unwounded journey

with the dream of Nirvan honey.

Nobody will hurt

If I would blow

let me be me

Let me out of me

my formless fairy!




18th April, 2016