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You could trust on a Kabbalist only

Big sun, the mother of all things
Splashed and sprawled with the black dark blobs
You would wondered what I’ve said
Is it a mekari of a lonesome poet!
Or just an expression of words
But since it is tangible and palpable
You would rather believe on it
Cause everything spawning from the big bang either
Or if you don’t believe in then you can trust on constant
The constant believe on words will bring you in such height
And for the exemption you could trust on a Kabbalist only!!



Oh big bamboo flute

Don’t drag me through the old days

Where the nuisance called me seethes  forever

A wild longing  ended up in lost saudade of woods

What if I would merakied that time and hold you?

Instead I lost myself in vagaries

Hence the retrouvaille is needed

Darling everything return to the origin

Like the horizon vanished into the blue sky

My little self satisfaction

I had always thought that Bengali was one of the unique language of the world and now I feel so happy because all the linguists have already come to a point that the basic word order of the world is SOV(subject object verb) and Bengali is belongs to this word order. Although, its true that most languages of the world either belongs to SOV or SVO(subject-verb object). But still SOV is overwhelmingly dominating the world.
I don’t take it as a triumph but as humble self satisfaction. You know we are the 4th largest language of the world but the people are not swarming up through a Bengali learning center as they swarmed into the Alliance Francaise or Goethe Institute only because of our economical background, maybe or maybe not.
Yes, economy is not the only barricade here and other issues are social disintegration, long run experiment of colonization, religious intolerance, heinous division of greater Bengal and lastly could be the political instability and I’m not taking here Huge population as a great problem because I believe if people could discern the depth of the Bengali literature only then we could be reunited.
We don’t need to follow others Art of living as we have Rabindranath. Lalon, Nazrul, Jibonanondo, Sunil. I can still remember a question asked by a Japanese- “I cant understand why you people are still remaining poor when you possessed a great cultural heritage!”WP_20150925_18_01_54_Pro