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Now is the time

Now is the time to back again to the sweet home
Tattooed with the true words and end up the roam

Now is the time to hold the lance over decolorized page
Find out the meaning of inanities as it done by a sage

Now is the time to be calm my friends, to be refrained
Returning as a king of mind and throned here again.


2nd may, 2016

Brandishing the non-violent stand-gun

The worthless chatting over the phone will have ended
Thus the mail will appear again in our domain of mind.
perhaps, disguising as a tawny tropical postcard
through the obsolete yelling eureka moment.
It will shed happiness within the solitude
as ten thousand heavens gratified in the open sky
hence, everything will shed, rambling,
lamenting, seditious lovely conversations,
and that most yielding cyber chatting
Intrigued me to brandish the non-violent stand-gun
Along with the remaining love songs

Living as a snail

Now Its time to be a snail

To live life into the shell of snail

look out through its subtle whole

to the infinite horizon of soul.

be touched by the untouched memory

and the sad story of sanctuary,

from thence lets the exodus begin

through an unwounded journey

with the dream of Nirvan honey.

Nobody will hurt

If I would blow

let me be me

Let me out of me

my formless fairy!




18th April, 2016


A preamble on conceiving images


In the image of one, I finally found something great and which could be defined as miracle as it has been labeled as one of the wonder of the world by many. And this idea is very simple the “Tao” which can’t be a constant or an internal name either. From the very beginning of this ancient treatise what really wondered me is the fundamental division of “mystery” and “manifestation. If question arise why I only expounding the significance of these two segregation then my answer will to be remain awe. And to grasp I believe this is enough for today, just close your eyes and conceive the image of Mystery and Manifestation.

15th April, 2016



If you a ask me, what could be the best creed of life? My answer is just follow the water. Yes, its sounds like something affiliated with the Taoism! But I’m saying it earnestly that water is the perfect example of peace and silence. Just follow it’s gait, trait or anything you see during it’s manifestation. Its essence is always perfect, always from the primal source.

Just observe how spontaneously it flows! How supple or soft it is! Hence you could be more and more supple as you are. Think, water never falls wrongly. It always falls on right direction. If you can apply 8th noble path throush the suppleness in your life you would feel yourself deep as water, tranquil as water and we will have undoubtedly encountered the serenity forever.

So the theory is Eight fold Noble Path + Watery trait

Be supple like a yogi



Don’t look at the mirror

As you bulk up fast,

Instead spill your fat

As you grown up last.

Try to go back to your enfant stage

strecth down your life out of craze,

Be supple and soft like a yogi

Instead of huge hulk junkie!

Embrace the philosophy of Patanjali

And throw the life style of popularity!



2nd march 2016

Where have all these suffering now

Today is the heaven

Today is the nirvana.

Past is fossil

Past is like lost suffering.


When you become selfless, not-self or nonexistence

That means you have emancipated from the past,

From the conditioned things, and from the craving.

Then you turn to be a roused Human-Kite

Who observes the phenomenon and the incident

Through a broader gadget of breathing!

So, tell me where have all these suffering now?

Being a No-self in the impermanent phenomenon


The Buddha’s principal argument against self is “self is illusory “  and he also mentioned that only a No-self (rejecting self) could achieve the Nirvana.

Why the  self is an illusion?

Buddha explained actually self  consists of five aggregates (Skandas): Forms, sensation(made up of feeling, seeing, hearing, tasting, touching, smelling) Perception, mental Formations and consciousness. But these aggregates don’t represent an integral or an autonomous entity instead self what we might call ego is more correctly thought of as a by-product of the aggregates. So when I say my  body actually it doesn’t  represent myself, but just a body which is constantly changing in this impermanent phenomenon. In the same way the remaining aggregates doesn’t carry my entity, neither integrally nor autonomously. That’s why the self doesn’t exist, if we take a right view, and it will have constantly rejected as an illusory idea.


It is hard to reject ‘self’ as we live in this modern world where everything is entangled with the so called ‘self’. But it seems to me that the ‘self’ have been prevailed among the mankind cause of habituality. So it would be worthwhile for the humanity and the rest of the organisms and things that matters our lives , if we withdraw ‘self’ from our center. Though it won’t be easy to get rid of this fetter which have been imprisoning us from the thousand of years.  Here I’m supporting No-self.


  • It is crystal clear that ‘self’ has evolved as an entity since from the development of the civilizations. And this modern self is stronger than any other selves that have lived before.

If we look back to 500 years ago into the Mayan civilization, It would obviously illustrate a ‘self’ which is not strong like a modern ‘self’ where everybody were devoted  to the community(Sangha) not for the self. So, we can say in the process of growing up, of civilizations the idea of ‘self’ continues to grow as the ‘self’ oriented civilizations like Europe, Arabs that had been ruled the world   conspicuously throughout the millennium . Therefore, self is not a preoccupied concept, but gradually it had taken a strong place due to the long run genetical adaptation.

  • When we have come to know that how to separate the different aggregates which constitute this false ‘self’, we could easily continue our life through a positive spirit. Suppose, I’m taking a walk through the woods and, after sometimes I could even lose my enthusiasm due to boredom which is 99% entangled with ‘self’. But if  I (I is extra) can forget myself,  then I could take a long walk like a machine since my forms will not have tired enough. So, No-self is strong and free from illusions. That’s why No-self views rightly, intended rightly and so on… what had written in 8thfold path.