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Chopin is something where always true love exists

Blooming within the truth and lie.

All the songs that I heard till now

All bound to fall timely or untimely.

But then only Chopin remain

Withstands against the all odds,

And ask, will you go back to Renaissance?

Intend to destine to Baroque?

Or tend to moor into his Romantic!

Where Louisiana always spreads her hand out

And drags me to the woods.

The scatter notes of jazz

Turns out into the outright trivia.

Chopin, I can’t play your Nocturnes anymore

Perhaps, it is too late

To moor up in your Island!



6th October, 2016




A young lady asked me

What could be the best approach of music?

I answered through the thread,

“To understanding music is like

To understanding philosophy

To understanding life”

She giggled with her painted lips

While I turned back to the window

Where bucolic scenario always allured

Music animated throughout the brain field

Oh, if the piano would be here!

I could easily portray it here!!


27th June, 2016


Father, I invoke you every morrow

Throughout my  withered alien heart

Father, I call you through every past

I can see you in every dreams of night


Father, this wretched son is a king now

As he lives in his true wisdom

Father, I believe I ordained your name

Since I knew myself through the freedom


Oh my father

I believe we fly together

Oh my father

I believe we live forever



21st May, 2016

In this harvest moody blues

I swept my canvas

Only to draw you

The moon disguise in you grined

Saying, “its too late wretched one!”

Hence, “I” lost forever within the softness

Of moonlight, still moonlighting as a leftover

From where the mellow blues forms

As the downpoure starts stealthily

Says, “will you willingly joint with me

In this harvest moody blues!”



9th May, 2016

Living as a snail

Now Its time to be a snail

To live life into the shell of snail

look out through its subtle whole

to the infinite horizon of soul.

be touched by the untouched memory

and the sad story of sanctuary,

from thence lets the exodus begin

through an unwounded journey

with the dream of Nirvan honey.

Nobody will hurt

If I would blow

let me be me

Let me out of me

my formless fairy!




18th April, 2016


In this late in the evening

I had a guitar to strum it in the park

Only of the dalliance with a tree caused to forget you

The broken drums set and the invisible Piano saying

The golden sexophone with its broken teeth saying

I want you, I want you darling

In this late in the evening


Very lately with this witherd physique

after crossing the Himalya

And yet, thinking here onto the Alpse

To draw you with the dried up brushes and colors

And thus floating on the boat of the painting

Yes I know, its very late!

Umm, its very late!