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If I would be rich enough


Today I walked down a round around the city
Through the rhythm of Tao like a deep tube,
Gazing and enjoying the game of puppy
While I got back there’s a tinge of moonlit only.
And think twice about the future of the doggy hoods
That gave rise an idea, If I would be a rich enough
I’ll create a sanctuary for the street dogs
Where they can enjoy their instinctive drift
That has been shattered by the name of humanity!

20th November, 2016



Don’t cry for us earth mother

Don’t cry for us earth mother
If we die in this dreamland
All we are here just poppies
And therein we’re contented

The kestrel will fly forever
Or the belligerent MiG twenty
If we lost early don’t be sorrow
Cause the new kids of front-line
Will be borrow!

Definitely we’ll be lost very soon
Or turn into ashes by burning, smoldering
Don’t be sorrow, don’t feel grief
At least we will rise again as grasses
In a brief!

16th June, 2016


Remember that

I didn’t appeared here only to be a poet

Rather wanted to find out the completeness of my existence only.

Never intend to prove my distinction

Rather strive to be a not-self only, mingled with all sources

I’m not brought down here to show my knowledge

Cause who boasts he is the only fit for this job.

Don’t have single intention to find out other’s faults

If necessary I would come here infinitely only to cleanse myself

Remember that!


12th May, 2016

In the game of Mystery and Manifestation

Being a human or a dog, nothing matters

Its just a manifestation of mystery.

We draw the wall in between them

Which only bring the superficiality in the highway of humanity.

We can named a dog in a different name

And it wont bring a single change,

Neither in humanity or in naturality.

Thus the way we go astray from the mystery.

It is is hard to define the  mystery through colors

But everybody love to chose that way


26th April, 2016

A preamble on conceiving images


In the image of one, I finally found something great and which could be defined as miracle as it has been labeled as one of the wonder of the world by many. And this idea is very simple the “Tao” which can’t be a constant or an internal name either. From the very beginning of this ancient treatise what really wondered me is the fundamental division of “mystery” and “manifestation. If question arise why I only expounding the significance of these two segregation then my answer will to be remain awe. And to grasp I believe this is enough for today, just close your eyes and conceive the image of Mystery and Manifestation.

15th April, 2016




The Not-self that snuggled down
Hover as beetle around the corners of the fifteen and twentieth floors
Fade away promptly within the runway before it soars up through the window span.
I took a sigh of a sorrow-less wizard in the digital speed!

Henceforth he wont be imprisoned  inside the bottle of morality anymore
Rather muse about the aliens
And then fainted within the planet without any intention.

You won’t find an alley over there
Even in there Holy Lexicon
Therefore air show goes on
Through the absence of “happiness”
Alter-self wondered after seeing the Phoenix Kites
that glided around the empty sky!

Life of the middle age always throbbed, always sweats
Dips the scripture which has already been lost it’s inherit necessity
Hence, the old Chinese and the Indian treatises manifest
Ardently besides all entreaties

Let the triumph long endure
Of the Indians
Of the Chinese
Of the watery philosophies

Let brace the impact of the original
Which manifests in the open eyes
Become tangible easily in the palm
And the logic full of cup brims easily!

The filthy fate has already been burned thoroughly
The new-ism is already placed its stance
Fuming the silence and sizzling the vile

Bequeath the greatness of the realm of water
Through the water flow
Through the sorrow-less stream
and yet my new life!


Here I’m again

Here I’m again

As the blobs of Paper-realm

In this ever changing world.

Where the mother of paper losing its origin

And I’m the fool seeking for the rule

Looking for a change.

Wouldn’t be worthy?

Remain as unworthy!

Not seeking, just see

Not doing, just do

I’d to remember

Before I firmly hold a pen

‘The realm of poetry is sacred and never changed’

And I’m the only who seeks for a change as avant-garde grand!