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Back again

Back home again

Back again

Likewise an untimely manifested shadow of time


I’m not manifested

Just another manifestation of origin

But yet the apathetic of time always looking for form


I’m old-fashioned

Like to imprisoned self in the form of past

Where origin and everything mixed up


Lost photography

Still holding

Through that emitting the molecules of origin

The window-pane

The window-pane in my imagination is always green but vain

It’s the television of the manifestation of my bliss and pain

Even though the thirteen years have been gone since it was pour into rain

I still sniff its rust game of the tarnished frame and eager to see the train again

Yes, the old train is whistling while its crossing the old hill, mesmerizing!

Oh my sweet darling please joint into this mind streaming yet I became an annoying



If you a ask me, what could be the best creed of life? My answer is just follow the water. Yes, its sounds like something affiliated with the Taoism! But I’m saying it earnestly that water is the perfect example of peace and silence. Just follow it’s gait, trait or anything you see during it’s manifestation. Its essence is always perfect, always from the primal source.

Just observe how spontaneously it flows! How supple or soft it is! Hence you could be more and more supple as you are. Think, water never falls wrongly. It always falls on right direction. If you can apply 8th noble path throush the suppleness in your life you would feel yourself deep as water, tranquil as water and we will have undoubtedly encountered the serenity forever.

So the theory is Eight fold Noble Path + Watery trait


Oh big bamboo flute

Don’t drag me through the old days

Where the nuisance called me seethes  forever

A wild longing  ended up in lost saudade of woods

What if I would merakied that time and hold you?

Instead I lost myself in vagaries

Hence the retrouvaille is needed

Darling everything return to the origin

Like the horizon vanished into the blue sky

A sudden whim

The lonely night is stretching

Under the unsteady weather of march

The dogs of this corner are sleep away

And the exotic esoteric flute goes on

They are harmonizing like a hundred of dogs crying

The people in front of the TV screen scattered suddenly

As the Bangladesh won their another consecutive  victory

I’m little dishearten about my future within the strong winds

It goes sometimes gusty and dampened

The memories are buzzing through the window

Its mesmerizing my painful cold

“You got cold son take a sleep”-

It has remembered dad’s voice suddenly!

A sudden whim!


3rd march, 2016

Let me take along with you

Let me take along with you

Where the spring  of gold flower last forever

Where the horizon enthralled by the Winston’s piano

And I’ll fly as a kite, as you’ll be the cumulus cloud

Or else I’ll be the country road and you’ll be the very butterfly that I dream

And we ‘ll lost ourselves through the game of light and shade hence Kanon goes on

With it’s mystic trait, or else we can put Ala Turka , or we could take long rest through a lullaby

Called Silent Night……………………

Dad, I always remember you

Dad, I always remember you
Even in this deciduous time
While everything has been tarnished
Through out the time and that span
Of time surely plundered everything
Of us, and nobody feels pain apparently
But I always remember you
And I believe all that what I’m
Its because of you and your’s scrutiny
Otherwise I could be a Ishmael
Or a complete outsider of pain.
Dad, although I’m not carrying your creed
But I believe except some differences I’m
Just wandering around here just as you.