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Here in the old city



Here every path

Carrying certain memories

Thus my heart get withered



Since everywhere you stepped down

From the bus station

To the university.


Smashed down all the hopes

Of our precious love

For the time….


Sudden rain like a sudden whim

Has appeared from heaven…..

I got down from the bus

Just following the fragrant of rain

Musing and pondering

On the old words

Of heavenly conversations.


23rd August, 2016




Hathaway, please bring peace
across the green woods
where the gorse’s peep
with it’s tawny tinge.
Hathaway, one day I’ll meet
robbing the sweet yellow
in a turpentined street
with monastic hinge.

24th June, 2016

Don’t cry for us earth mother

Don’t cry for us earth mother
If we die in this dreamland
All we are here just poppies
And therein we’re contented

The kestrel will fly forever
Or the belligerent MiG twenty
If we lost early don’t be sorrow
Cause the new kids of front-line
Will be borrow!

Definitely we’ll be lost very soon
Or turn into ashes by burning, smoldering
Don’t be sorrow, don’t feel grief
At least we will rise again as grasses
In a brief!

16th June, 2016


How much will you take Endlessly!

How much will you take
The canoe, river and the periods!
Thus I’ve found a heaven
And its appropriate
What ever you say
But I’ll steak to the heaven
Like the glue
Would you like to
Know the theory? wingless fairy
‘First you have to be soft
Then spread around the realm of mind’
Now, conquer the war
Conquer the heaven
Everything happened
Got it!


26th May, 2016

For an angel

I was running for an angel

Then I caught up in wish

I was fooling around in the misty

Without knowing the mystery fish


Fishing the mystery isn’t easy babe

If the freedom yet to get

So I’ve been haunted with the misery

And I crawled down as a cat


Though I finally found an angel

But I lost it within my whim

Yet I’m running after that angel

Would be another failure scheme



5th May, 2016