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The death of Amal Hussain brings us an insistence to uprooted those princes of the middle east. Those who see the whole Muslim World
as their slave. Those who show the audacity to crossing out their own frontier and slice the body of a journalist into many pieces after they distort the body with the heinous acid burn and propagate a false propaganda deliberately.
Now is time to stop them forever. Those who became healthy and wealthy with the money that they acquired of from us, from the Indonesians, Malaysians, Algerians, Nigerians pilgrims.
Those who know only to rape the world by their audacious petrodollars.
Those who know only to show their audacity, cockiness, flamboyancy with their glittered, gilded Marcedes, Rolls-Royce, Porsche and those who lust the womanhood as a bunch of whores without any name and destination. Now is the time to castrate the whole dynasty. Please raise your voice and say together, let the Saudi dynasty vanished forever.


The way I love the every steps of my life

Whether or not I’m a super-self or a selfless that would be judged after the end. But surely I love each of the step that I had to taken into these little journey of life which has inevitably turned me to a most peaceful man on the earth that could be a best judgement of a self by itself!




3rd August, 2016

I know why my life is so beautiful

I know why my life is so beautiful
People want to know my livelihood?
I answer them the truth
They want to know more about me?
I reply them this is only my mind
I live only with the joy of mind!

An intellectual who always think he is the genius only
Always tend to find out my flaws
He asked me reversely,
Why are you so supple?
I answered him, it is the reflection of my mind
Cause I’m made up with the mud of my mind
That’s why I’m so soften!

A cunning beard person always give me the sermons
And say to me, righteousness brings serenity
I replied him, I only believe in the purity of mind
Cause through this mind I see, hear
That’s why I know why my life is so beautiful!

29th June, 2016

Knowing that I have a kinship with the sorrow

Knowing that I have a kinship with the sorrow
I stumbled down on the earth.
Hiding that relation, I lost everything
And the people interpreted me wrongly.

Knowing that I have a kinship with the sorrow
I ignored the way of self destruction
Cause I discovered the truth unconsciously
Hail, hail to this venerable watery brain.

Knowing that I have a kinship with the sorrow
I conquered the sorrow through the softness
The water who quench my thirst, musing on that watery brain
I tend to forget, swallow the queen of grief

And become impermanent through the watery
And again turn into Not self through the transiency
That’s the way of life
Strategy to forget the sorrow!

28th June, 2016

Oh woman



Is it the inherited aberration?
or the intrusive whim of momentum
which has blown by madly gusty wind
I don’t know.
Knowing only that the flow of life has been
Interrupted in the empty dried up path
Of murky manifestation that turned into
A blackboard.
hence I can’t-
walk without you into the dark alley
nevertheless the limb grows, and in that
dark-side of lethal addiction the human eyes
stoop down as torch!
in that act of screaming, I, I or not-self wouldn’t
be lost in a newly fashioned perversion, not in to
the real history of silky red Sari, but I want you
in my dream so
oh woman!

17th June 2016