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Autobiography of unpublished poems and poets

The poetry has been abandoned in the tawny damp moorland of manuscript

under the tuberculous darkness of poetic bookshelf

even the equinox cockroaches have been abandoned them with just some sniffs

after they got crushed by the unaware steps of poetic stamps

And rejected them as unsocial polythene.

The me-ness of poets also haunt likewise blowing polythene

but yet to the sky a poet, an abandoned manuscript

or yet imperishable-polythene all are same.

The poem which never born

by crossing the border of poetic idiosyncrasy

it remains unborn forever

but yet, its idea flourished

through  the pioneer poems of novel laureates.

The poet who never get up

Against the peripheral state of modesty

Nobody feels sorry for him

Except that cunning poet of ‘Daily Light’

Who have been acted as night dog

And thus the manuscript of the modest poets

Turn into gibberish and lead them to blow as local bus tickets

In the midst of Kawran-Bazaar.

After all this trickery that defamed poet thoughts

Why I hadn’t got the Nobel Prize?

The yellow filthy cat also makes growl after listening to that!