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Tantra Meditation, Psalm Isadora and a few wordings



Since from the last two years I’ve been getting so many invitation letters from a site called Mind Valley.  Only once, I had tried to contact with them but while listening the lectures, I utterly became uninterested since the whole concepts appeared as polar opposite from me. But yesterday,  I’ve once visited the page and it’s subordinate pages out of the blue. And I finally learned about  the front mortal of Tantra Meditation who’s name was Psalm Isadora and who took her own life just a few months ago. I got hurt, I got hurt because a 42 years old lady still talking about the body, sex and the relevant accessories. How shame at that age when a man or woman remains imbecilic! Buddha said, they grow in size not in wisdom. I hope, she might realized the trivialities of sex or Tantra sex before she encountered with self-destruction. I wish, if finally she had realized that this body carries nothing but mind is everything. Hopefully in her next streaming consciousness would careful about the virtues of mind.


Why I believe in eternal return


I believe in eternal return and the recurrence is essential and inevitable. If we diagnosis our life thoroughly we will undoubtedly find out the recurrence in so many forms.The recurrence of a idea
after a decay, or even after the 20 years. Likewise ripen fruit, people discover that everything they achieved actually that has been achieved in their youth. However, a person could be derailed or went astray from his real state but a sensible person will must back to the real state, isn’t a symptom of recurrence within a short physical life!! I would say in the further aspect that actually everything that one could achieved it was actually somehow achieved in his/her 18 or even in some cases at 11/12.
So, thinking about eternal return is quite natural. Its natural to think about how we grow? or how we have been created? Perhaps one’s very idea could have evolved from a Abrahamic thoughts or an Indo-Chinese thoughts but in reality to think about eternal life is natural and hopefully, it’ll remain untouched even if the human civilization bound to succumb from the earth one day.
But ironically, only through the idea of eternal return we can hope that the human civilization could burgeon again in other planet, other galaxy or even in somewhere which is beyond our imagination.
So, if the imagination could be infinitum then eternal return is a solid idea. Solid as gold and remain static.
Cause mind is eternal, if we take the first verse of Dhammapada here……
All that we are is the result of what we have thought. It is founded on our thought,…………….
So, if we take it as the one of the greatest truth of the life then it’ll imply the existence of eternal return.

3rd May, 2016


Now is the time

Now is the time to back again to the sweet home
Tattooed with the true words and end up the roam

Now is the time to hold the lance over decolorized page
Find out the meaning of inanities as it done by a sage

Now is the time to be calm my friends, to be refrained
Returning as a king of mind and throned here again.


2nd may, 2016

A silence addict




Still you can find relief within the hot temperature

If you could set aside  it from life

To say life, I utterly dragged down the silence here

Hearing this some one could even laugh out!

Or others could remain response-less

Otherwise it wont be a life anymore!

In this skillful walking alone one must pick out the silence

Instead of being world worry or else one extract the silence anyway.

Outside the window full of concrete jungle,

Where the world is groaning with the nonstop sound of stone grinders.

Thugs of the little alley have already been run away silently

Yet I’m the only one who keeps  on saying about the sweet silence to the dearest!

Morning has broken and the sudden winds of heaven has  blown away

And the still the silence remains as the most incipient

It kept jumping after me like a puppy

And I must put up with that.




30th April, 2016




Longing for a journey of endless path

Nobody knew that what misery could occurred

On the track that I left behind,

Sudden Stumble down while walking down

As the land cracked out in front of one’s eyes.

But yet, question dangles

Why did you lose yourself?

That’s still remaining as unborn sin

If you didn’t, then life could flow like water

And you would be the prince of life,

No doubt!!

It carries its soliloquy as I heed

In the meantime the evening starting to fall,

It supposed to be another evening

After the thousand of evenings had fallen, nonchalantly!

All that washed away

Through the beauty of hazy hectic state of mind

The blue cumulus clouds bring forth a lingo

It petted on my old bold head again and again

And beholding myself, as my senior walking down

Through the endless path!!


29th April, 2016