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Why I believe in eternal return


I believe in eternal return and the recurrence is essential and inevitable. If we diagnosis our life thoroughly we will undoubtedly find out the recurrence in so many forms.The recurrence of a idea
after a decay, or even after the 20 years. Likewise ripen fruit, people discover that everything they achieved actually that has been achieved in their youth. However, a person could be derailed or went astray from his real state but a sensible person will must back to the real state, isn’t a symptom of recurrence within a short physical life!! I would say in the further aspect that actually everything that one could achieved it was actually somehow achieved in his/her 18 or even in some cases at 11/12.
So, thinking about eternal return is quite natural. Its natural to think about how we grow? or how we have been created? Perhaps one’s very idea could have evolved from a Abrahamic thoughts or an Indo-Chinese thoughts but in reality to think about eternal life is natural and hopefully, it’ll remain untouched even if the human civilization bound to succumb from the earth one day.
But ironically, only through the idea of eternal return we can hope that the human civilization could burgeon again in other planet, other galaxy or even in somewhere which is beyond our imagination.
So, if the imagination could be infinitum then eternal return is a solid idea. Solid as gold and remain static.
Cause mind is eternal, if we take the first verse of Dhammapada here……
All that we are is the result of what we have thought. It is founded on our thought,…………….
So, if we take it as the one of the greatest truth of the life then it’ll imply the existence of eternal return.

3rd May, 2016



Brandishing the non-violent stand-gun

The worthless chatting over the phone will have ended
Thus the mail will appear again in our domain of mind.
perhaps, disguising as a tawny tropical postcard
through the obsolete yelling eureka moment.
It will shed happiness within the solitude
as ten thousand heavens gratified in the open sky
hence, everything will shed, rambling,
lamenting, seditious lovely conversations,
and that most yielding cyber chatting
Intrigued me to brandish the non-violent stand-gun
Along with the remaining love songs



The Not-self that snuggled down
Hover as beetle around the corners of the fifteen and twentieth floors
Fade away promptly within the runway before it soars up through the window span.
I took a sigh of a sorrow-less wizard in the digital speed!

Henceforth he wont be imprisoned  inside the bottle of morality anymore
Rather muse about the aliens
And then fainted within the planet without any intention.

You won’t find an alley over there
Even in there Holy Lexicon
Therefore air show goes on
Through the absence of “happiness”
Alter-self wondered after seeing the Phoenix Kites
that glided around the empty sky!

Life of the middle age always throbbed, always sweats
Dips the scripture which has already been lost it’s inherit necessity
Hence, the old Chinese and the Indian treatises manifest
Ardently besides all entreaties

Let the triumph long endure
Of the Indians
Of the Chinese
Of the watery philosophies

Let brace the impact of the original
Which manifests in the open eyes
Become tangible easily in the palm
And the logic full of cup brims easily!

The filthy fate has already been burned thoroughly
The new-ism is already placed its stance
Fuming the silence and sizzling the vile

Bequeath the greatness of the realm of water
Through the water flow
Through the sorrow-less stream
and yet my new life!


Truth has to win finally


Long-awaited death
waiting on the top of the green hill
The crest which is unrealistically silted up!

yet, the chat will goes on through the triplet notations
and the drops will drip in the restless motion
until the truth wont manifest from the withered garden.

In the garden where poppies used to grow through the whim of tropical wind
hence hadn’t been flown to the Afghanistan or Arabs-tan in this span of life time
Rather had to remain as a vagrant of music freak
while all the melodies and cadences fell muffled
as they blatant my alter-self stumbled

therefore the death will bring me to the top of the hill
where the one never encountered with the justice
rather beloved within the sensor-ed world of Peter Paul Reuben
and the man who was more fond of Gibran than Rumi,
Along with Laozi and Gautama who’s hymn like words dragged him in the alley of mystery

Perhaps, who will have adorned by prophet like aliens one day
or with a kind, who is the true king of his own realm
No doubt left about that
Behold, at the newish uncontaminated sky
And the truth has to win finally



In this late in the evening

I had a guitar to strum it in the park

Only of the dalliance with a tree caused to forget you

The broken drums set and the invisible Piano saying

The golden sexophone with its broken teeth saying

I want you, I want you darling

In this late in the evening


Very lately with this witherd physique

after crossing the Himalya

And yet, thinking here onto the Alpse

To draw you with the dried up brushes and colors

And thus floating on the boat of the painting

Yes I know, its very late!

Umm, its very late!


If you a ask me, what could be the best creed of life? My answer is just follow the water. Yes, its sounds like something affiliated with the Taoism! But I’m saying it earnestly that water is the perfect example of peace and silence. Just follow it’s gait, trait or anything you see during it’s manifestation. Its essence is always perfect, always from the primal source.

Just observe how spontaneously it flows! How supple or soft it is! Hence you could be more and more supple as you are. Think, water never falls wrongly. It always falls on right direction. If you can apply 8th noble path throush the suppleness in your life you would feel yourself deep as water, tranquil as water and we will have undoubtedly encountered the serenity forever.

So the theory is Eight fold Noble Path + Watery trait