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If I would be rich enough


Today I walked down a round around the city
Through the rhythm of Tao like a deep tube,
Gazing and enjoying the game of puppy
While I got back there’s a tinge of moonlit only.
And think twice about the future of the doggy hoods
That gave rise an idea, If I would be a rich enough
I’ll create a sanctuary for the street dogs
Where they can enjoy their instinctive drift
That has been shattered by the name of humanity!

20th November, 2016



Arnold Schwarzenegger


Arnold, you who were the great Carling master
You who utterly became a flamboyant monster
You who dragged a generation into the world of lifter
You who had the radish like biceps of useless fighter
You who had wrongly taught us to live like body builder
Now you realized why the softer over come the harder!
You who had misguided the whole America to be the body lover
Instead of harness the mind and forget the fragile body forever!
Now you are crying silently because you are the great loser
Loser, cause you never learned how to be a great truth lover
All that you were was a dinosaur disguise in Schwarzenegger
All that you were was a cyborg disguise in Schwarzenegger

Longing for the four walls

In my childhood, I got used to with the four well known walls

Then sun rose a thousand of times through the window or ventilator

Sometimes I soared up as a bird

And back again as a hungry puppy

But suddenly without any indication

Transformation happened to me absurdly

Likewise the flabby character of Sukumer

I tried to fly up with the inflated limbs

But nothing had happened,

Despite some kind of futility

Hence, I gave farewell to  Schwarzenegger

And now when I’ve changed into a complete supple being

And took a flight of ten thousand miles as a dragon of Lao Tzu

Then again learned to love the four well-known walls

But yet again I got notice of displacement

Now I’m heading for the home town

Where the four wall still longing for me.



13th May, 2016

We are the aliens

We are alien since we have distinctive feature

Where hairs sparsely distributed on this creature

We are human but cleverly labeled as mammal

In disguise we don’t  carry neither birds or animal’s culture.

We are so ugly that’s why we become so sexy

Yet  we boast  we have the most beautiful body

How could it would be beautiful if its so fragile?

We couldn’t even stared at the sun don’t be agile!

We always go on about our difficult back pain

But yet we think of to conquer the whole realms

Yes, we have hair, we have brain and we know how to gain

Isn’t it enough to be calm, and admit to say we are nothing but aliens.



9th May,2016

Am I just a box of sorrow to you!

Am I just a box of sorrow to you?

Or  the memories of sadness only!

But still waiting for you dwelling in a box

A box full of insanities still surrounding, grasping

Across my tiny room as they turned into bugs .

They swarm, gather in the walls  like forest

And eventually turned me to a sacred box.

Isn’t it possible to send me as a parcel to you?

Do you think a box always remain as  mortal!

A mortal could only altered to be a selfless

Like me, or like a stray

Or like a waving cosmos

Falls before the osmosis!


7th May, 2016

The true mystery behind these crow foots

I heard and learned many many times that the real talent ripen lately.

Similarly that fact also appropriate for the true freedom seekers who wants to fly like birds, but in between the long path that one has to cross while achieving the wisdom, nobody neither  sees it or perceive it. Rather they only observe the manifestation of wrinkles that slowly surrounds the eyes and yearning to grasp the whole skin. In English people say “ crow foot” which only spreads the pity or compassion. Therefore I had to stopped short  to soliloquizing that “how many beautiful days and nights I’ve been lost through this crow foot like streets of illusions by forgetting the sweet smile of sweet heart which could  only be compared with the wretched story of the urban crow who destined to succumbed.

For an angel

I was running for an angel

Then I caught up in wish

I was fooling around in the misty

Without knowing the mystery fish


Fishing the mystery isn’t easy babe

If the freedom yet to get

So I’ve been haunted with the misery

And I crawled down as a cat


Though I finally found an angel

But I lost it within my whim

Yet I’m running after that angel

Would be another failure scheme



5th May, 2016