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I’m sorrow-less
….. not amazed by phenomenon
Yet decorate the phenomenon within serene.
No suffering, no pain
Cause I’m comfortably wise!
Or terribly fool in open eyes!!
I’m the mine’s
………Only accompany
I can create the bliss
Through the on going windmill.
Keep my body-clock
Within sharp scrutiny.
You cant see my wrinkles
Cause my Maya is a bit murky.
I’m addicted with matchbox……
Knowing to burn if needed…….
Annihilate the gusty signal 10
Keep me relax within being cowardice
Thus I’m brave
Literally watery!

18th June, 2016



The chronicle of becoming a poet from an infant



The future of the children and the green supple grasses

depends on you!

Though you are not get used to call them infant

Is infant only defined if only those have limbs and so!

Who learns to speak lie slowly

Learns to playing game with smoke

Habituates to sleeping like a lazy cat

Get astonished while seeing the decorative imprint of a bread

Loves to read the poem through the romanticism

And dreaming to be a dreamy poet

while hands begin to agitate

Keep in one’s mind that-

Not to become crazy for the fame

Rather be confined in the realm of poetry

Or simply become a hermit, stupid!



25th May, 2016


Please don’t

Please don’t imprison  yourself within the walls

After all, I was your window, your door

However, you could argue with that

Or put a hypothesis that I’m not eligible

For those analogy, but I’m completed now

Metamorphosis happened silently to me,

My wings, dreams all have already been

Spilled down, now you can come to the

Harvour, the harvoufr we wove in our

Prime, don’t imprison  yourself within the walls



12th May, 2016

In this harvest moody blues

I swept my canvas

Only to draw you

The moon disguise in you grined

Saying, “its too late wretched one!”

Hence, “I” lost forever within the softness

Of moonlight, still moonlighting as a leftover

From where the mellow blues forms

As the downpoure starts stealthily

Says, “will you willingly joint with me

In this harvest moody blues!”



9th May, 2016

True love always disguise as polar a part

Today we’ve become helpless completely
Confined us within the narrow streets of dreams.
Yet reality is simple as the flower blooms
Once it evolved, no body stop it from the burgeoning.
Thence you begin to hate me like a tyrant
And imagined myself as polar a part from you.
But did you ever realized the essence of this image?
Being polar a part doesn’t imply to be belligerent!
If you learn to accept the to poles only you’ll realize what love is
Cause true love always disguise as polar a part dear.


4th May, 2016

Now is the time

Now is the time to back again to the sweet home
Tattooed with the true words and end up the roam

Now is the time to hold the lance over decolorized page
Find out the meaning of inanities as it done by a sage

Now is the time to be calm my friends, to be refrained
Returning as a king of mind and throned here again.


2nd may, 2016