Black is Black

11069926_478481675638755_4095187222803739525_oYou never stop the searching for truth

That’s why you call yourself truth finder,

People ask, are you an infidel!

Do you believe in god?

I answer that’s not the main issue of life-

The main issue is to find the truth;

The truth that is still growing

And thus it’s paving its own staircase-

Through the heaven of wisdom!!

I know in the rhythm of my every breath-

I’m simply becoming lonely,

Lonely as a nocturnal black bird!

Burning for the peace

For the solid truth

Black truth

Like black whole!

I love black

Cause black is original


Black is black.


Mr Europe please heed the call

Flooding of refugees terrifies me
Like thousands of lance falling
From the superstitious chimney
Of inhuman Arab souls, sorry
I know people are starving,
Dying, subjecting, hiding,
But what about scrutiny
Will they claim Germany?
For this flows of innocent refugees
Or France for withholding its fallacy
Led to Nato to dethroned Gaddafi!
And I could say France never learned
From the past, Vietnam, Algerie …..
So what about other minors
I mean, Austria, Serbia, Hungary!
Shall we lose Europe among the insanity
Of tantalizing Arabian dream of heaven!
While they’ve butchered many nations
And their cultures in this fashion
So I’m pleading to leaders of Europe-
Be prudence, and don’t grope.

The necessity of Art and Culture

enjoy art. without art and culture no nation cannot achieve enlightenment. I know many people who used to boast about their degrees but never question, ‘where they are on the bank of culture?’  Try to open your eyes and just compare the Arab with Europe. definitely you will have reached your answer. Why is European calm and gentle? And why the Arabs are so arrogant and opinionated about their sheer fallacies……. thanks to my great friend Atıf Can Ökten of Turkey.

Atıf Can Ökten's photo.

Is it enough to be Educated?

We have so many neighbors in our village. Among them a handful of people became rich though they had a very struggling life in the near past and as well the light of education and culture didn’t reach in their dark windows at that time.
I met one of them last week who always used to boast about his sons and daughters and saying, ‘ you know my daughter is completing PhD in the university and my son also working for American government and so on……….’ . I really appreciate that and being a part of this neighborhood.
But do you believe is it enough to be an educated person in this aggressive, arrogant, opinionated world? Where most of the people are doubtful about their own cultural heritage. Really everything has been messed up here with religion, custom, and practice. The scenario is so horrible that you can’t find a folk without mobile set but you probably wouldn’t find a single GITANJOLY of TAGORE over there.
So how can you say they are educated? Yes they are educated in certain extant or for certain purpose but not as whole. Without practice, music, art, culture you can’t hope for enlightened, educated nation. That’s why I believe education is all about generations and it spreads through sperms……………

Yes I can say Germans or French is an educated nation but not the Qataris or UAE’s. Maybe they have achieved something in some extent but not as a whole. People of Bangladesh are always boastful about the degree they’ve achieved but in Germany people have already soared themselves into the world of wisdom quite a few decades ago.

3rd October, 2015

The great arts and the Heterosexual spirit of mind…..

A few days ago a friend of mine flung some questionnaires against Rabindra Nath Tagore. I wouldn’t get hurt if the questioner would be a villager. But unfortunately, we have to always be awe in this half developed and in a way Cliche type of urban society. Where people didn’t learn, how to be a truth finder? people learn only how to manage the situation. Yes off course, to managing the situation is an important discretion which is needed in every step of one’s life. But the problem arises when the people’s behavior manifests stereotyped order about arts, cultures. The question is, was the Rabindranath’s poetic spirit originated from the heterosexual influence. Really I didn’t have any answer at that time. It is true that great work should be evolve through the common sexual view. And certainly Tagore had this quality. Hence he is the one of great writer, thinker, philosopher of all time. And having lack of this quality Hemingway had already been defamed by many critics in his life time. I’m not supporting Ritu Porna Ghosh or Bruce Jenner in this regard but I believe through proper human eyes one can achieve such a level where gender become simply a triviality. You don’t need to change your body, you only need a great mind!

My little self satisfaction

I had always thought that Bengali was one of the unique language of the world and now I feel so happy because all the linguists have already come to a point that the basic word order of the world is SOV(subject object verb) and Bengali is belongs to this word order. Although, its true that most languages of the world either belongs to SOV or SVO(subject-verb object). But still SOV is overwhelmingly dominating the world.
I don’t take it as a triumph but as humble self satisfaction. You know we are the 4th largest language of the world but the people are not swarming up through a Bengali learning center as they swarmed into the Alliance Francaise or Goethe Institute only because of our economical background, maybe or maybe not.
Yes, economy is not the only barricade here and other issues are social disintegration, long run experiment of colonization, religious intolerance, heinous division of greater Bengal and lastly could be the political instability and I’m not taking here Huge population as a great problem because I believe if people could discern the depth of the Bengali literature only then we could be reunited.
We don’t need to follow others Art of living as we have Rabindranath. Lalon, Nazrul, Jibonanondo, Sunil. I can still remember a question asked by a Japanese- “I cant understand why you people are still remaining poor when you possessed a great cultural heritage!”WP_20150925_18_01_54_Pro

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