If I would be rich enough


Today I walked down a round around the city
Through the rhythm of Tao like a deep tube,
Gazing and enjoying the game of puppy
While I got back there’s a tinge of moonlit only.
And think twice about the future of the doggy hoods
That gave rise an idea, If I would be a rich enough
I’ll create a sanctuary for the street dogs
Where they can enjoy their instinctive drift
That has been shattered by the name of humanity!

20th November, 2016



Schumann with Luciana





I just wanted love and tented to be passionate

of Schumann’s works.

But what turned me into such hollow?

and threw you away in the urban heap,

along with the most precious memories.

Oh, that day regained all of these again

Into my brain!

Walked and searched throughout the alleys of burgeoning age

Where still some of your loosen hairs were floating at the air!




8th October, 2016








Chopin is something where always true love exists

Blooming within the truth and lie.

All the songs that I heard till now

All bound to fall timely or untimely.

But then only Chopin remain

Withstands against the all odds,

And ask, will you go back to Renaissance?

Intend to destine to Baroque?

Or tend to moor into his Romantic!

Where Louisiana always spreads her hand out

And drags me to the woods.

The scatter notes of jazz

Turns out into the outright trivia.

Chopin, I can’t play your Nocturnes anymore

Perhaps, it is too late

To moor up in your Island!



6th October, 2016


A dazzled crow



Why should I teach life?
Oh, the cunning stupid forever
You just suck and suck the whole world
Through your that fervent dickhead!
Yes, you could labeled me as castrated one, impotent!
Striving to decorate the household like the refuges.
Just muse at this meaningless shadow
Being as a crow of civilization…..
Perhaps you would grasp one day
That I was wondered by the life
Among the millions of sprouting ignorant.




2nd October, 2016

Here in the old city



Here every path

Carrying certain memories

Thus my heart get withered



Since everywhere you stepped down

From the bus station

To the university.


Smashed down all the hopes

Of our precious love

For the time….


Sudden rain like a sudden whim

Has appeared from heaven…..

I got down from the bus

Just following the fragrant of rain

Musing and pondering

On the old words

Of heavenly conversations.


23rd August, 2016

An iota on Karen Armstrong

Indeed, the women are stronger than the men. Although I don’t like to separate them like a whim of a bigot. As Lao Tzu said be male but keep onto the female…….. henceforth I love everything what had written down in this mysterious treatise.
And now its crystal clear while I’m dreaming, sleeping, eating with the book called A HISTORY OF GOD by Karen Armstrong. What Armstrong depicted, so far I nosed into that and I found completely overwhelming. Her wordings are like the way an unaware beauty walking alone down the street. So lucid indeed!


23rd August, 2016

everything about mysteries