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A silence addict




Still you can find relief within the hot temperature

If you could set aside  it from life

To say life, I utterly dragged down the silence here

Hearing this some one could even laugh out!

Or others could remain response-less

Otherwise it wont be a life anymore!

In this skillful walking alone one must pick out the silence

Instead of being world worry or else one extract the silence anyway.

Outside the window full of concrete jungle,

Where the world is groaning with the nonstop sound of stone grinders.

Thugs of the little alley have already been run away silently

Yet I’m the only one who keeps  on saying about the sweet silence to the dearest!

Morning has broken and the sudden winds of heaven has  blown away

And the still the silence remains as the most incipient

It kept jumping after me like a puppy

And I must put up with that.




30th April, 2016