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Longing for a journey of endless path

Nobody knew that what misery could occurred

On the track that I left behind,

Sudden Stumble down while walking down

As the land cracked out in front of one’s eyes.

But yet, question dangles

Why did you lose yourself?

That’s still remaining as unborn sin

If you didn’t, then life could flow like water

And you would be the prince of life,

No doubt!!

It carries its soliloquy as I heed

In the meantime the evening starting to fall,

It supposed to be another evening

After the thousand of evenings had fallen, nonchalantly!

All that washed away

Through the beauty of hazy hectic state of mind

The blue cumulus clouds bring forth a lingo

It petted on my old bold head again and again

And beholding myself, as my senior walking down

Through the endless path!!


29th April, 2016