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On an ongoing exhibition


Paintings are exhibiting
Into the realm of mind
Accurately placing
Through the art of
Doing or not doing.

That’s good, that’s good
Unnameable apparently
Heavy storm appears
Into the impressionist mind
Of a hungry Van Gogh.

From non-being to being
From empty to infinite
For those who keeps faith
On source, will have
Illuminated surely.
3rd December, 2016



True love always disguise as polar a part

Today we’ve become helpless completely
Confined us within the narrow streets of dreams.
Yet reality is simple as the flower blooms
Once it evolved, no body stop it from the burgeoning.
Thence you begin to hate me like a tyrant
And imagined myself as polar a part from you.
But did you ever realized the essence of this image?
Being polar a part doesn’t imply to be belligerent!
If you learn to accept the to poles only you’ll realize what love is
Cause true love always disguise as polar a part dear.


4th May, 2016

Let it blow first as it’s the only volatile

Let it blow first as it’s the only volatile

Lets die before you get the ticket of freedom.

And behold the mystery but not the manifestation

Cause its simply the trivial coloring……

Thus, we be the temple of serenity, not a piece of form!

Let not urge for the explanation, oh my ancient friends

Who could grasp the words among the tacit wordings

Let decorate the life through the true words

And twirl within the watery flow

Desire-less, crave-less blow!!

Where the night is bright

And the day without tongue

Let me flow through the words of slip of paper

And let me be soft as water as it accomplish everything.


28th April, 2016

In the game of Mystery and Manifestation

Being a human or a dog, nothing matters

Its just a manifestation of mystery.

We draw the wall in between them

Which only bring the superficiality in the highway of humanity.

We can named a dog in a different name

And it wont bring a single change,

Neither in humanity or in naturality.

Thus the way we go astray from the mystery.

It is is hard to define the  mystery through colors

But everybody love to chose that way


26th April, 2016